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Description: All you need to know about VIP Player.

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VIP Player - Informations and Purchase
« on: May 13, 2016, 10:33:49 PM »

Would you like to be a VIP Player?
Being a VIP Player is much more than simply having VIP status,
but also be an official supporter and helper of the server.

Why should I be a VIP Player?
Besides having numerous advantages and benefits you will be helping
to keep the server online, always updated and improved.

What are the benefits and advantages of a VIP Player?
Quote from: This is a basic list of advantages of a VIP Player. Every new server update, new benefits may be added or modified.
» Access to all VIP content;
» Name listed in /vips;
» Can use /spec to watch a player;
» Armour when spawn;
» Earn more XP;
» Earn more Money;
» Fly in Superman Mode;
» You can save 10/10 vehicles;
» You can use 10/10 objects in the vehicle;
» Access to VIP Vehicles;
» Can buy all VIP House Interiors;
» Can change the color of the entrance pickup of your house;
» Full Access to the Lasers menu;
» Full Access to the Neon menu;
» Full Access to the Vehicle Control menu;
» Can talk with Caps Lock;
» Change and mix the color of your messages in the chat, vehicle text, house and garage name;
» Can set up 60 seconds in /count and edit the text and color of default text - START!!! » Example: ~y~Go ~b~Go(Go Go);
» You can change your name 10/10 times;
» You can put siren sound in your saved vehicles;
» Use all VIP Skins;
» You can play audio streams for all connected players;
» You can create an Actor(NPC) inside your house;

How long will my VIP Player?
The status is based on VIP Days. When you finish your VIP Days you will return to being a normal player or can buy more and keep the status. The VIP Days will be reduced when you play or not. Remembering that you may lose your VIP status should it break the rules, abusing commands or being banned from the server!
Being VIP Player requires responsibility too!

How long does it take to activate my VIP Player?
Your VIP Player will be available for activation until 24 hours after confirmation
of payment of the site used in the purchase - PayPal or PagSeguro!
You will receive an e-mail with the Activation Code for your VIP Player.
Warning: The Activation Code of your VIP Player will be sent to the e-mail address you used to buy!

15 VIP Days
30 VIP Days
45 VIP Days
90 VIP Days
Desert Eagle - Refilled
25 Grenades
50 Grenades
Combat Shotgun - Refilled
Minigun - 1500 Bullets
Sniper Rifle - Refilled
Refill all saved Firearms
Reset changed name times

After making the purchase, you can inform the payment to
accelerate the identification and activation of your VIP Player:


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